I guarantee confidentiality and responsibility in my translations, as well as compliance with the deadlines.
I am flexible, have a direct contact with the client and try to adapt the professional fees for each document, taking into account the urgency of the translation, its degree
of difficulty and the fees established by the CTPCBA (Association of Sworn Translators for
the City of Buenos Aires, as per its acronym in Spanish).

I also take the public translation to the CTPCBA to be certified by the pertinent authorities, if the client requires to do so.

I count with the broadest experience in the handling of Spanish and English due to the fact that I have worked in the language market for more than twenty years, teaching both languages in important companies, schools
and embassies to private students, executives, foreigners and so on.
I have an excellent command of Hebrew and an intermediate level of French.
I consider that the learning of a language as well as its translation are both very important communicative tools in our current globalized world in which we have to connect and interact with people who speak different
tongues worldwide, so the counsel and hiring of a qualified professional who is specialized in this arena becomes essential.

I specialize in the following areas:

Legal translations: They are translations that require the signature and seal of a licensed sworn translator and the sworn translation format if they have to be submitted before a public institution. They also have to be certified by the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires.
Should it not be the case, these requirements are not necessary.

1. Legal translations:
a) Birth, marriage and death certificates, passports, among other personal documents.
b) Transcripts, degrees, curricula, syllabae, diplomas, among other documents related with education.
c) Powers of attorney, deeds, wills, records and other notarial instruments, judgments, court files, exequaturs, letters rogatory, written communications, among other similar documents.
d) Commercial paper, contracts, balance sheets, by- laws, minutes of shareholders’ meetings/board of directors and other corporate documents, studies and technical and scientific documents, trademarks and patents.

2. Literary translations: web pages, CVs, monographies, books of general interest, religious texts, among others.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical translations: books of medicine, shiatsu, dissertations, medical publications, journals, protocols, patient reports, package leaflets, among others.

4. Technical translations: device, cell- phone, home appliance manuals, computing issues, among others.

5. Translations related to architecture: hotel web pages, services, issues related with architecture, magazines, among others.

6. Translations related to art: brochures of visual artists, works of art, magazines, among others.

7. Translations of texts related to finance, marketing, foreign trade, insurance, accountancy, balance sheets.

Services Offered


Legal translations: they are translations that require the signature and seal of a licensed sworn translator and the sworn translation format if they have to be submitted...

Language classes

Language classes: services offered. Classroom and online courses of the following languages...


Legal counsel. Legal counsel for mediations. Divorces, alimony and child support, contracts. Legal architecture. Building pathologies. Expert’s reports...


Counselling. Drawing of blueprints in Autocad. Compliance with the formalities and authorizations before the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires required to carry out business activities. Law 257. Technical reports, expert’s reports, legal architecture, building...

Visual Arts

Tailor-made paintings and murals. Painting and sculpture exhibitions....