Services Offered

  1. Counselling
  2. Drawing of blueprints in Autocad.
  3. Compliance with the formalities and authorizations before the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires required to carry out business activities. Law 257.
  4. Technical reports, expert’s reports, legal architecture, building pathologies.


ARCHITECT, graduated at the UBA in 1992. (1992-1984)



1. “Building pathologies- Module 1” (2019).
2. “Building pathologies- Module 2” (2019).
3. “Building pathologies- Module 3” (2019).
4. “Appraisals, expert’s reports and joint ownership of party walls” (2019).
5. “Small construction Works” (2019).
6. “Project management and safety and health in the construction industry” (2019).


-2014: From the paper, pdf and pictures to Microsoft Word.
-2011: Autocad 2009
-2010-2009: Command of Webex
-2003: Powerpoint
-1998: Office (Windows, Excel, Word)
-1997: Autocad 14- M2 Arq.
-1993: Autocad 12


Member of the Professional Association of Architecture and Urbanism (CPAU, by its acronym in Spanish).


1. VISUAL ARTIST: a. painting exhibitions in the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA, by its acronym in Spanish) in the “Traduarte” exhibitions, the LIF Theatre, the LIF Union, Banco Provincia of Avellaneda, Alianza Francesa in Olivos, Jesus P. Martinez School (2018-2014-2012-2010-2009-2005-2004-1998-1970).
b. Drawing, sketching and painting with live models: summer course 2012.
c. Drawing, sketching and painting with live models: 1st term 2012.
d. Drawing, sketching and painting with live models: 2nd term 2012.
e. Full- day painting workshops at Alejandro Costas’ atelier (2010-2012-2013-2014).
2. Microentrepreneurships: (Ariel Job Center) (2002)
3. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming): (1998)


• Submission of municipal blueprints and registration of central heating equipment and installations (2005-2004): Municipal schools, houses and buildings. Registration in the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires. Compliance with formalities and authorizations.
• Compliance with formalities and authorizations for the opening of commercial premises (2003).
• Drawing of blueprints by hand and in Autocad 12 and 14 (2002-1998)/ Drawing of municipal blueprints for the registration of heating and air conditioning equipment (US Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Mango, Metrogas, Alem Tower/ laying of networks/ Submissions of blueprints and registration before the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires/ Drawing of projects of electrical installations.
• Promotion of gas and heating installations in architectural studios (1995).
• Draftswoman in the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion University (Haifa, Israel)/ 1994- Research on the Arab house published in a students’ journal.
• Relevamiento de muebles de oficina en la Cervecería Quilmes “Cofano Muebles”/ 1993/ Promoción de tapicería
• Seller and promoter at “Decorbrass” sanitary ware, taps and fittings’ shop / 1992.
• Preliminary sketching for the renovation of a house/ 1992.
• Draftswoman in decoration, bathroom and kitchen shops: 1992-1991.