Language classes

Services Offered

Classroom and online courses of the following languages:

  1. English: classes of business English to executives. Material related to the job field. General and legal English. All the levels: beginners- pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. Grammar and conversation classes, reading comprehension, oral practice and listening. English for travelling. School and university support, dissertations, monographies, among others. Analysis of newspapers articles.
  2. Spanish: Spanish to foreigners’ classes. Tour guides, conversation classes, specific vocabulary.
  3. Hebrew: school support and private classes. Trips. Reading comprehension. Conversation.


ENGLISH SPANISH SWORN TRANSLATOR, graduated at the UBA in 2008 (2008-2001).


a) Two- year consecutive and simultaneous interpretation course at “The Language School” - Certificate of attendance (1997-1996).
b) French: 6th year at the Alianza Francesa of Olivos. Delf Examinations (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6). (2000-1995).
c) 1. Hebrew: Hebrew High School Teacher (13 subjects passed) (1984-1983).
2. Sequer examinations (Hebrew Teacher for private primary schools). (1983).


1. Microentrepreneurships: (Ariel Job Center) (2002)
2. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming): (1998)

Work Experience

English Teacher at schools: primary and high-school teacher

a) School N.° 12- Marshall of Peru Ramon Castilla- School N.° 10- Manuel Lainez (primary schools). Replacements (2014).
b) Province of Cordoba School- N.° 4 and School N.° 30 Grenadiers of St. Martin (primary schools)- Internships and replacements (2011).
c) Waizman School of Flores (high school) (1997).

English teacher to executives in multinational companies

a) English classes at Needs Institute to students from Enarsa, Nook Institute, IBL, Helport (legal English classes in The TR Company), Allianz S.A. (English Communications Institute), Petrobras (Communication and Change Institute), TGV (The Goal Rush), Edesur, Telefonica, Alcatel, Techint, Accor, Previsol, Rio Bank, Itau Bank, Maersk Sealand, Terminal 4, Safmarine, Petroquimica Cuyo, Biosidus, American Express, Sur Argentina, Maprimed, Ultimate System, Latin Sport, La Plata Cereal, Easy of Escalada, Shell. Classes at the Extracurricular Program for the learning of English at the UBA [University of Buenos Aires], Roemmers’ Laboratory, Pharmaconsult, Lloyd’s Bank, Union Carbide, YPF, Esso Sapa, Hannover Bank, Berlitz and to private students (2020-1989).

Recommendations: “During the years 2008 and 2009 Fabiana provided services as an English teacher in our agency, The TR Company S.A. and we have always been very satisfied with her good attitude and performance”- Cynthia Farber- The TR Company.

Spanish to foreigners’ teacher

a) Spanish to foreigners’ courses at IBL both in classroom and virtually (webex). Tour guide. Guided visits to foreigners (2017-2015/2010-2009).
b) Spanish classes at the Australian Embassy (Dictio Institute) (1997).
c) Spanish classes to students from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China, Denmark, The Netherlands, The United States, England, France, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Belgium, Israel, the Philippines, among others, at I.L.E.E. Institute (1993/1990-1989).