Everything you need to know before quoting a translation

In the CTPCBA Journal of the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires;
(December-February of 2012-2013) n. ° 115: p. 18-19. - Buenos Aires: Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires, December-February of 2012-2013


Summary: During the year 2011, a client asked the author of this article to quote the translation into Spanish of a series of image consultancy books written in English. It was then when our colleague had the challenge of how to quote a long translation. The books contained graphics and notes that were not digitalized and for that reason, the words had to be counted manually. Here she tells us the details of a quite difficult job and shares the experience acquired.

To have full access to the article in Spanish, please, click the following link: http://www.bibliotecact.com.ar/PDF/05199.pdf