Translation And Interpretation

Services Offered

Legal translations: They are translations that require the signature and seal of a licensed sworn translator and the sworn translation format if they have to be submitted before a public institution. They also have to be certified by the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires.
Should it not be the case, these requirements are not necessary.

1. Legal translations:
a) Birth, marriage and death certificates, passports, among other personal documents.
b) Transcripts, degrees, curricula, syllabae, diplomas, among other documents related with education.
c) Powers of attorney, deeds, wills, records and other notarial instruments, judgments, court files, exequaturs, letters rogatory, written communications, among other similar documents.
d) Commercial paper, contracts, balance sheets, by- laws, minutes of shareholders’ meetings/board of directors and other corporate documents, studies and technical and scientific documents, trademarks and patents.

2. Literary translations: web pages, CVs, monographies, books of general interest, religious texts, among others.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical translations: books of medicine, shiatsu, dissertations, medical publications, journals, protocols, patient reports, package leaflets, among others.

4. Technical translations: device, cell- phone, home appliance manuals, computing issues, among others.

5. Translations related to architecture: hotel web pages, services, issues related with architecture, magazines, among others.

6. Translations related to art: brochures of visual artists, works of art, magazines, among others.

7. Translations of texts related to finance, marketing, foreign trade, insurance, accountancy, balance sheets. traducción de textos relacionados con dichos temas.

8. Consecutive interpretation and whispering for events. Tourist guide and escort.

9. Transcription and translation of audios and videos from EnglishSpanish, from HebrewEnglish and from HebrewSpanish.

10. Proofreading and reviewing of texts from EnglishSpanish, from HebrewEnglish and from HebrewSpanish.


ENGLISHSPANISH SWORN TRANSLATOR, graduated at the UBA in 2008. (2008-2001).


a) Two- year consecutive and simultaneous interpretation course at “The Language School” - Certificate of attendance (1997-1996).
b) French: 6th year at the Alianza Francesa of Olivos. Delf Examinations (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6). (2000-1995).
c) 1. Hebrew: Hebrew High School Teacher (13 subjects passed) (1984-1983).
2. Sequer examinations (Hebrew Teacher for private primary schools). (1983).


1. “Strategies for the translation of argumentative legal texts (Spanish to English). Pinpointing, connecting and concluding (2019). Ricardo Chiesa.
2. “Translation Workshop. Direct translation: English-Spanish” (2019). Rita Tineo.
3. “Vocal training workshop for interpreters” (2019). Maria Eugenia Perez Ibañez.
4. “Accountancy and managing collections of international payments for free-lance translators” (2019). Carmen Olivetti and Mariano Wadi Jacobo.
5. “Contract for the international sale of goods” (2019). Andrea Viaggio.
6. “AIIC-Vega: Interpreters’ Bar Camp in Buenos Aires”. (2019). Olga Alvarez, Veronica Perez Guarnieri and Martin Barrère.
7. “Traduarte” (2018).
8. “VI Latin-American Conference on Translation and Interpretation” (2016).
9. “Translation for dubbing in audiovisual media”- Introductory course. (2016). Alicia Beltrame.
10. “Introduction to subtitling: Theory, practice, software and professional work”- (2016). Mariana Costa and Damian Santilli.
11. “The interpreter in the US judicial system” (2015). Alvaro Ravinovich.
12. “Third workshop on expert witness’s matters”. (2015).
13. “Protocol for interpreters” (2015). Jorge Luis Vidaurreta.
14. “Full training in expert witness’s matters. Module 2: Written petitions to the court and court orders” (2015). Eleonora Fernandez.
15. “Updating workshops in expert witness’s matters” (2014). Oscar Pereira.
16. “Interpretation: what characterizes and defines it”: Fourth workshop of the Interpretation Commission (2013).
17. “Workshop of language and legal translation: precautionary measures in Argentine civil proceedings” (2013).
18. “Traduarte” (2012).
19. “Introduction to the proofreading of texts in Spanish” (2012). Claudia Aguirre.
20. “III Workshop of the interpretation commission” (2012).
21. “Workshop on communication, public speaking and coaching (2012). Andrea Milani.
22. “Workshop on the use of the voice” (2011). Andrea Milani.
23. “Marketing of profesional services” (2011).
24. “II Interdisciplinary Workshop for newly- graduated translators” (2011).
25. “III meeting: expert witness performance and interpretation” (2011).
26. “Professional workshop: the sworn translator, expert witness and court-interpreter” (2011).
27. “Workshop on the use of the voice: what do you do with your voice?” (second part) (2011). Andrea Milani.
28. “The world inside a cabin: Interpretation in international bodies”: Second Workshop of the Interpretation Commission (2011).
29. “Traduarte art exhibition” (2010).
30. “I International Conference on Specialized Translation” (2006).


1. Middle East countries (Israel, Greece, Egypt, Sinai, Turkey). (1995-1994).


-2019: Memoq course. Introductory level. (2019).
-2015: Trados course (2014).
-2014: From the paper, pdf and pictures to Microsoft Word.
-2010: Basic Trados
-2010-2009: Command of Webex
-2003: Powerpoint
-1998: Office (Windows, Excel, Word)


1. Member of the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA, by its acronym in Spanish). a) Member of the expert witness and interpretation commissions of the CTPCBA (2020-2009). Publishing of articles related with expert witness’s matters and translation. b) Member of the fees, newly- graduated translators’ and culture commissions (2013-2009). 2. Member of Proz (virtual platform of job search and directories for linguists). 3. Member of linkedin (virtual platform of job search for professionals).


1. Microentrepreneurships: (Ariel Job Center) (2002)
2. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming): (1998)

Work Experience


A. Court Translator and Interpreter (2020-2015)

B. Free-lance translator (2020-2007)

1. a) Translations of texts of computing, web pages, finance, legal texts (sworn translations of contracts, powers of attorney, university and high-school transcripts, birth, marriage and death certificates, patents, trademarks, minutes of meetings, credit card contracts). Medical translations such as clinical trials, patient reports, articles and publications in medical magazines and journals and pharmaceutical, among other fields. Use of CAT tools such as Trados and Wordfast. Translations related to architecture and art, general interest and religious issues, dissertations, among others.

b) Transcriptions and translations of audios and letters from Spanish into English (2010-2019/ 2016-2011).

c) Consecutive interpretation from English into Spanish in an event related with architecture (2012) for the refurbishing of shops from Lacoste.

d) Participation in a volunteering- team translation project for the web page “Honoring Life” (2009).

e) Translation of a book of Tuina Therapy for children (1999-1998).

f) Technical translations from English into Spanish (1998/1991).


Writing of several articles related with translation and interpretation, professional fees and architecture and culture in general, for the journal of the Association of Sworn Translators for the City of Buenos Aires (see blog)


2. a) Translations from English>Hebrew (2019): Translation and proofreading of texts related with marketing for web pages of important firms such as Amazon.
b) Audio transcriptions and letter translations from Hebrew>English (2016-2011).
c) Translations of cinematic videos from Hebrew>Spanish for films (2020-2018).

Number of daily words: around 2500-3500.
Fields: legal, literary, scientific, technical, medical, architectonic, artistic, web pages, among others.